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What is SendTornado?

In just a couple of words, SendTornado is the smartest way to do email marketing these days.
We provide you with the exact tools you need to power your email marketing and customer
tracking without the troubles of moving data around from platform to platform.

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Best deliverability hands down

We partnered up with delivery networks like Amazon SES or Sendgrid to give you the best deliverability ever. In fact, one of our main strenghts is the ability to deliver using multiple services at once.

Want to route your drip emails through Amazon and your promo emails through Sendgrid or other SMTP you own? No worries. Did someone screw up some server you used to mail from? No more worries - just switch to another SMTP and you're ready to go. All your data, forms and everything stays in the same place. No need to move everything and put your business on hold.

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Complete control on your subscribers / customers list

No more stress. No more 3rd party platform shutting down accounts for no reason. Your data is your data and we're strict about that. With our service, you get access to everything you record or track on your customers. If you want to download it, just reach out to us and we'll help you out.

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Drip campaigns

Or lead nurturing - a series of emails highly connected to a certain outcome. In other words, sometimes you need to warmup your subscribers and take them through a series of steps before they're ready to move to the next stage in the customer lifecycle.

Either they're new subscibers of yours and you want to get them to know you better or you want to prepare your subscribers list for an upcoming product release, it's always nice to have an automated system in place that would take care of the process.

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Email Broadcasts

One of the most used feature of email marketing platforms is one-off messaging. Or "promo" campaigns. And we totally get that. This is why we made it really really easy to send a quick one.

Right from within your dashboard, you click a button then you're ready to type in your email. We call this "2 click campaigns" because you don't have to go through any of those useless steps to select subscribers, select templates and all that. Sometimes you just want to type and send.

No more list dupes

Other providers charge you by the size of your subscribers list, including the unsubscribed ones and force you to use multiple lists to organize them. This inevitably leads to having duplicates. In fact, some of the email marketers we spoke with complained that almost 40 to 50% of their subscribers were either unubscribed or dupe emails. Well, this means you're being charged twice as much as you should.

Easy to setup

Our typical customer is ready to mail out their first email in just a couple of minutes. But don't worry, if something doesn't sound familiar or you get stuck, we're here to help.

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Marketing automation that simply works

As an online marketer, sometimes you want to take full advantage of what we call "behavioural marketing". In other words, you want to perform a specific action whenever an event occurs for one of your subscribers.

For example, if a subscriber goes to your pricing page, this means they may be ready to purchase and you may want to send them a discount or something, depending on your strategy. This is what some people call "the holy grail" of internet marketing, or "mass one to one communication".

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Powerful Customer Segmentation

One of the biggest problems in the email marketing world is sending the right message to the right person, because it's a known fact - if anyone tells you they can write an email that would work the same on your whole subscribers base, that's a big fat lie. There's no such thing as "one size fits all".

There are many studies on the internet regarding this issue and all of them came to the same conclusion. The more you segment, the narrower the recipients list - the better. It does mean, indeed, that you have to write more copy and more subject lines, but, at the end of the day, you end up with more opens, clicks, actions, purchases or whatever your end goal may be for a campaign.

Subscribe Forms

Easily capture email addresses on your website. Simply create a new form, select the fields you want to show up, save, and you're ready to go.


You don't need to worry about installing anything, managing databases, servers security and all of that tech stuff. Just take care of your business and leave the infrastructure hustle to us. That's what we do, that's what we know best!

Top notch support

24/7 email support at your service. We usually reply in less than a few hours, even in weekends.

API Access

If you want to programatically integrate SendTornado with a 3rd party app, that's possible through our API. Subscribe new customers, tag, send custom events, you name it.

SMTP Routing

Connect to as many SMTP platforms you want and route your emails in such a way you get the best deliverability you can. We made that possible because one of the biggest disappointments as a marketer is to have your emails sent to the spam folder or to the newest hole in hell called "promo tab". Don't let shared hosting and other marketers' behaviours affect your campaigns. Use a trusted email sending provider like Amazon, Sendgrid or other platforms we may partner up with in the future.

Custom Subscriber Data

By default, we only give you email, first name and last name, plus some internal flags/data points we capture. This is because every business is special and has it's own needs - therefore, we let you create custom data fields you can use to store for your customer so you can later segment.

Easily Import New Subscribers

Do you have a list of subscribers or past customers of yours? Want to move in from another subscriber? That's easy. Our importing feature will help you do that. Oh, and you don't have to worry about them having to confirm again. But be careful - our anti spam policy is strict. While we agree sometimes subscribers come from other sources than online forms or API calls, we don't tolerate spam. At all.